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Happy Healthy Brain

Week of December 9, 2023

Happy Healthy Brain
Want to keep your brain happy and healthy for a good long time? Cognitive decline doesn’t have to be inevitable. Come learn why it is important to make your brain a top priority. We’ll talk about what drains your brain, and what to do to support it.

Lifestyle Factors to Minimize the Risk of Cognitive Decline
We’ll discuss food and community – what we eat and how we live. Learn what foods to add in your daily diet, and which ones to take out.

Lifestyle Factors to Minimize the Risk of Cognitive Decline
We’ll discuss ways to maximize and optimize exercise, stress management, sleep, and continued brain and engagement and lifelong learning.

Workshop to Keep Your Brain Happy and Healthy
We’ll do a self-assessment to see where you are now, and create an action plan to incorporate what you have learned this week. Wellness is based on a system of small routines…what you do every day is more impactful than what you do once in a while. Let’s establish a pattern for wellness.

Jean Courtney is a researcher, writer, entrepreneur, and perpetual learner on a mission to make every day wellness easy and efficient. Jean was a legal investigator at a fast-paced law firm, which provided a front row seat to watching the detrimental effects of stress on health.  She made the conscious choice for time and health over a salary, retiring at an early age and using her research skills to study ways to optimize health. When her mom got dementia, it blew her family apart. Jean shifted her focus to learning everything possible to try and avoid the dementia that found her mom and kept her hostage for six long years. Jean was not only an advocate for her mother, she was immersed in researching what she herself could do to minimize risk of the same fate. She has travelled the world extensively (including some time in the Blue Zones) with much of the focus being on health and longevity through lifestyle. She often lectures and teaches cooking classes and shares easy, efficient and delicious ways to cook using neuroprotective ingredients, with an emphasis on minimizing inflammation and maximizing brain function. She will help you understand the why behind making healthy choices for your brain and body.   She is passionate about helping people understand how important brain health is and helping them experience life-long health, vitality and vibrance. She recently completed a Soil to Table certification program living at Tres Estrellas organic farm focused on learning and practicing regenerative farming techniques.  She is a firm believer that your DNA is not always your destiny – your dinner plate can be your destiny.