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Happy Hour for Hormones

Week of August 10, 2024

Hormones Through the Ages
This comfortable, warm and welcoming discussion will involve the women’s health journey through the ages and the relationship of our hormonal balance to mood, energy levels, mental health, sexual health and more. We will share our concerns and interests in this open forum on a variety of hormonal issues for all ages. The topics can range from egg freezing in our thirties, to reigniting libido in our peri-menopause/menopause years and beyond.

Our Hormones and our Overall Health and Wellness
We will share and explore how lifestyle, nutrition, stress, self-awareness, friendships and more impact our health and hormonal well-being. For example, are we aware of what we eat or drink on a daily basis and how that contributes to our personal state of health? What role do hormones play for our heart health and brain health? Why is sleep so critical?  What role does alcohol play in our overall physical and mental status and how is that a factor in breast health? Are there supplements that are important for different hormonal stages of life? More topics of interest will be addressed and discussed.

Hormonal Health and Being Your Own Self Advocate for Optimal Health
It is vitally important for all of us to be our own health advocates and have the questions we bring to our health care providers addressed and answered. Too often the long awaited visit with our health care provider becomes a rushed event and we find ourselves leaving a doctor’s appointment with more questions than answers. Why is this happening and how can we prevent it? Strategies to approach your appointment to optimize your experience and feel empowered in your own health care will be addressed. What questions should you bring up ….. even if your doctor is not? Self-exam tools will also be discussed.


Nancy CetelNancy Cetel, MD, is an engaging and passionate physician, author and professional speaker. Following her graduation from the New York University School of Medicine, she obtained her postgraduate training in Reproductive Endocrinology at the University of California, San Diego, and Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Southern California. Her pioneering research in hormonal issues led to numerous publications and awards. Dr. Cetel is often referenced in books and journals, and is a frequently invited lecturer nationally and internationally.  Live appearances and interviews have brought her acclaim as an accomplished communicator and advocate for an informed public. She is the author of Double Menopause: What to Do When Both You and Your Mate Go through Hormonal Changes Together. Her passions include her family, vegetarian cooking, dancing, and the joys of being a grandparent.