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Healing Through Naturopathic Medicine

Week of February 22, 2025

Here we explore foundational principles of wellness from the perspective of a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). The Ranch offers an ideal place to dive deeply into practicing the principles discussed, and participants will leave with practical, creative ideas for implementation in daily life. We begin with an introduction to Naturopathic Medicine, followed by a lecture on the therapeutic benefits of water, both during times of health and illness, and then an experiential session on mindful eating. Finally, we will discuss strategies to proactively support the mental health of our youth, knowing we all want young people in our lives to thrive.

Foundations and Applications of Naturopathic Medicine

Hydrotherapy: The Healing Power of Water

Mindful Eating: An Experiential Journey with Food

Empowering Youth Through Intentional Allyship: Practical Actions for Supporting Mental Health in the Next Generation


Dr. Amanda Watters is a licensed naturopathic physician who enjoys lecturing nationally on topics such as mental health and nutrition. She is the executive director of Neurotherapeutics, a nonprofit in Oregon that provides over 35,000 hours of therapeutic services to children with disabilities every year. She is adjunct faculty at National University of Natural Medicine where she teaches Pediatrics and Psychology, and educates community members through her online platform PediaChat. She is also the founder and CEO of EllyPop, LLC, which makes freezer pops with real fruit, herbal teas, and balanced electrolytes. @ellypop @nt4kids