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Healing with your Voice

Week of November 28, 2020

Using Your Voice for Stress Reduction and Maybe Even Healing!

Discover the fun of learning Vocal Sound Healing™ and the many ways you can use it for yourself and others. You don’t have to be able to sing. All you need is curiosity and a willingness to try. During these highly stressful times, this is a glorious way to be able to express sound and free yourself from that stress, frustration, and tension in your body and mind. Learn all kinds of intentional sounds and sounds that you have never imagined that will calm, free relax and sometimes heal your body. It’s easy to learn. Make sounds for yourself and for each other! This a wonderful tool for your toolbox of self-care.

You will learn to express.

What is sounding? Is it hard to learn to do? Sounding is not singing or chanting. There are all kinds of sounds. It depends upon your intention and your desire for well-being. You will make different sounds to gain different results – and you will learn to make spontaneous sounds that naturally arise.

One – hour classes:

Day 1 – Explore Sound for self-healing – Have fun experiencing ways of making sounds that alleviate tension, which can often remedy discomfort in the body.

Day 2 – Sound healing for opening your heart – Align with your subtle level energy systems. When we open our heart to ourselves, we can open to others more easily.

Day 3 – Make sounds to help someone else – This unique way to sound together helps attune us to not only “hear” together and “feel the ground” together, we also get to “see” each other with more compassion and clarity.

Day 4 – Sound to assist your energy field – You have an energy boundary all the time but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Delight in learning how you can control this boundary and feel more at peace in yourself.

Day 5 – Discover your “inner voice” – Connect with an intelligence inside of you that supports greater self-confidence, expressiveness, clarity, and joy.


Lisa Rafel has taught about self-empowerment, self-healing and using music and sound for healing for over 25 years. She is spiritual teacher and sound & energy healer who works in multiple artistic and spiritual realms of healing. A dynamic keynote presenter and workshop leader for conferences, healing centers, and educational institutions, she is an expert in Vocal Sound Healing™, her unique process of mastering energetic boundary for self-healing and healing others. Her classes may include elements of Native American teachings, psychic healing, ceremony and shamanism.

Lisa’s creative work spans a wide range of expression. She is a composer, spoken word artist, playwright, poet, and chantress. Her recent release, Now is the Time, written with Grammy winners, Lili Haydn and Itai Disraeli (from Opium Moon), is a powerful song and video that emotionally connects to the depth of the pollution crisis. Her award-winning book/music set, Safe in the Arms of Love: Deepening the Essential Bond with Your Baby, (co-created with Gary Malkin and David Surrenda, PhD), includes original music to enhance bonding/attachment. Her play, Can You Hear Me Baby? (with collaborator, Gary Malkin) is a poignant, hilarious, and transformative musical play about an unexpected pregnancy that births a family. Lisa’s poetry and original music can be found on many recordings. Her harmonic overtone singing with crystal bowls has been called, “the sound of language before the languages divided”. Her concerts attune the listener to a deep experience of peace. Lisa has performed in sacred sites all over the world including Chartres Cathedral, Grace Cathedral, the Glastonbury Music Festival and the Sacred Festival of World Music in Los Angeles (with John Densmore of The Doors.) All of Lisa’s creative projects help people to have greater health and well-being.


A grandmother of seven, Lisa is committed to the health and well-being of future generations. She sits on the boards of the Association for Pre and Perinatal Birth Psychology and Health (APPPAH), and the National Perinatal Association. www.lisarafel.com