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Healthy Knees & Bicycle Adventure

Week of November 25, 2023

The 3 Secrets to Healthy Knees for Life – Presentation
Learn the 3 secrets to soothe, stabilize, and strengthen your knees so you do the things you love.

Workshop: We will practice movements from the 4 Building Blocks to Strengthen Your Knees and cover the essentials for using a bicycle to soothe your knees.

Strengthen & Stabilize will include:

  • Movement Foundations
  • Balance
  • Muscle Development
  • Stretching

Soothing & Strengthening will include

  • Bicycle set up
  • Bicycle comfort tips
  • How fast, how long, how hard to pedal

Workshop 1 Handouts:

Bicycle Touring: Our Coast-to-Coast Ride Across America – Presentation
See the beauty and challenges on our self-supported bicycle journey from Bellingham, Washington to Yorktown, Virginia.

Workshop:  What it takes to plan your own bicycle adventure Workshop- Bicycle Adventure Checklist

  1. Choose Your Ride Type
  2. Full Support
  3. Some Support
  4. Self-Supported
  5. Choose Your Ride Intensity
  6. Casual and Flat
  7. Mix of Hills & Flats
  8. Rigorous Hills

How Far & How Hard? Daily Miles & Sightseeing

  1. 15-30 miles
  2. 30-45 miles
  3. 50+ miles
  4. Bike Gear – beyond the bike
  5. Saddle
  6. Bags & Clothes
  7. Tools & Repairs
  8. Safety Tips for riding in a group
  9. How to look over your shoulder and not swerve
  10. Drafting and distance
  11. Responsibilities of riders in the group
  12. Training for your Adventure
  13. How to create your bicycle training plan
  14. Strength training to support
  15. Hydration – getting enough

Robin Robertson, international best-selling author of three Healthy Knees books and founder of, will share the secrets of staying active even with knee issues.  Robin is the owner and General Manager of the Bellingham Training & Tennis Club, USA Cycling Coach, ACE Personal Trainer, and creator of Healthy Knees programs.  She’s an accomplished cyclist having logged over 50,000 miles on her bike through training, touring, and racing.  Robin was born with a congenital defect which led to 12 knee surgeries (including replacements) and a passion to help others to find strength and stability in their knees and live an active life.

Author & Founder