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Herbal Medicine for Everyday Living

Week of April 20, 2019

The Art of Herbal Medicine

Learn the basics of how herbs can support your health and well-being, in both food and medicinal forms.  Herbalism is the oldest form of medicine and every culture has its version, discover how you can incorporate botanical remedies into your daily life using a variety of methods from this traditional approach.


Herbs and Foods for Spring Allergies

Pollen rich air can irritate the eyes, sinuses and throat for many. Discover creative ways to support the immune system with botanical medicines and delicious recipes. Students will learn ways to build resistance to environmental irritants as well as which medicinal herbs to reach for when symptoms need to be soothed.


The Summer Herbal Apothecary

Whether it’s for prevention or relief, this class will give you the herbal tools you need to create remedies to have on hand for life’s little mishaps.  We will cover poison ivy prevention, sunburn and bug bite relief; herbs and foods to stay cool and hydrated and remedies for cutting down on inflammation and muscle aches as well as others.


Herbal Stress Busters for City Living

Fast paced City living can leave us with frazzled nerves and sleepless nights. Herbal medicine and foods can support the body to remain calm and centered during the day, and, if necessary, offer sleep support.

This class is filled with delicious ways to use botanical medicine, breath and ritual to bring the body back into balance, let go of tension and receive the nourishment of deep rest.


Dawn Petter is a clinical herbalist and flower essence practitioner based in NYC.  She is a graduate of Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism and is trained as a flower essence practitioner with Delta Gardens and Findhorn Essences.  Dawn works with clients, and teaches classes at places including, the New York and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, The New York Horticultural Society, and The 92 Street Y, amongst others. She is also the owner of Petalune Herbals, which specializes in herbal skincare.  Her classes are imaginative and accessible and are taught to encourage students to use herbal medicine in their daily lives.