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Hot Topics for Holistic Health and Nutrition

Week of August 3, 2024

Boost Brain Health: Holistic Solutions for Memory, Focus & Clarity
Improve brain function and prevent early aging with diet. Your brain needs essential nutrients for your nervous system, memory and learning. Learn to improve cognition, energy and fight free radicals using whole foods and expert-approved supplements. Keep your brain sharp with these wellness tips!

Don’t Sweat Stress & Anxiety: Nutrition & Mindfulness Remedies
Optimize your mental health with expert-approved foods herbs and supplements for a less-stressed YOU.  Certain diets have been shown to boost mood, calm the brain and improve focus. Learn which superfoods are key to living a stress-free life.

Detoxify Your Body: Lower inflammation and Reset Your Metabolism
Reducing your toxin load is key to a healthy mind and body. Learn to curb cravings, mitigate symptoms and increase energy with easy strategies.

Sexual Health for Men and Women
What we eat affects our energy, mood and hormones. Many foods and supplements contain natural aphrodisiacs! Improving blood flow is crucial to sexual wellness. Learn how a nutritious diet can improve fertility, stamina, libido and even heart health!


Kim Ross, MS, RD, CDN takes a holistic, integrative approach to health.  Nutritional treatments are aimed at enhancing the body’s ability to heal and detoxify itself. Kim’s individualized programs incorporate a variety of techniques and tools that enhance optimal health including nutraceuticals, homeopathy and herbs. After receiving a BA from University of Michigan, Kim received an MS from New York University in clinical nutrition. She has a certificate in holistic nutrition and completed a fellowship in herbal medicine through the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine. Past affiliations include Equinox, Rockefeller University and NYU Fertility Center. Currently, Kim lectures nationwide on cutting-edge health topics, consults to businesses and maintains a private practice in Manhattan