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Improv(e) Your Life

Week of October 19, 2024

Intro to Improv…The Power of Agreement
The joy of improvisational comedy lies in its spontaneous creativity and seemingly effortless collaboration. The secret to both aspects is simple:  listen and agree. In this workshop we’ll learn the power of saying “Yes, and…” and “Yes, because….” We’ll sharpen listening skills (useful in all areas of life!) and, before you know it, we’ll be improvising hilarious scenes.

Follow the Fun
Improv can take you anywhere and let you do anything. You can set an improv scene anywhere in the universe and give yourself and your scene partners any traits or powers. BUT you have to clue the audience in, so they can follow the fun. This workshop will focus on quickly conveying the “who, what, where” of a scene, so you can move on to exploring your unique world. We’ll also tackle “character work” and “object work” – i.e., working with imaginary props.

Group Games, Group Mind
There are no wallflowers in improv. Everyone can get in on the fun. Not in a scene? We’ll learn how to tag in and out and provide back line support (like sound effects). We’ll also learn group games where everyone participates in scenes. If your real life includes working with any kind of teams, you will see how improv principles apply.

We’ve Got Your Back!
We’ll review all the techniques we’ve learned and put them together in what is known as a “montage” set. And for those who want to perform Thursday night, we’ll use this workshop as show practice. (You don’t have to be in the show but, hey, what better place to try something new?)

Thursday Night Live!
Move over Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon. We are going to give this our best shot! Come one, come all as the RLP Improv Troupe creates a unique and original show based solely on audience suggestions. We’ll also talk about applying the principles of improv to your everyday world…because life today requires lots of improvising!


Arlene Matthews is an improv comedian and humor writer who studied with Groundlings in LA and with Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, where she completed the highly selective Academy graduate conservatory. As part of the improv team, Dad’s New Girlfriend, she performed frequently in NYC. Since moving to San Diego, she’s joined forces with Finest City Improv, where she performs regularly on two teams.