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In Wellness, Progress Over Perfection

Week of February 3, 2024

How Calories and Fat Work
What’s more important, calories, macros, or the nutrient profile of foods? Can you make any impact on where fat tissue is lost from? Is weight maintenance really a numbers game, or is there more to it? Are some people just unable to manage their weight? Find out in this session!

How to Eat Sugar
Should you avoid sugar like it’s the devil, or eat as much of it as you want, with plans to just “work it off?” How much is a reasonable amount to allow? What are the consequences if you have too much? Is it possible to eat it strategically, so that it doesn’t control you?

Abs are Made in the Kitchen
What can you do for 10 minutes a day (or an hour each weekend) that would impact what you end up putting in your mouth? Learn from an RD, Cookbook author, and mom of 3 that it doesn’t have to be so hard: streamline your meal prep, grocery time, and kitchen-set up!

Progress over Perfection
Do you ever find yourself waiting for the perfect time to move forward in your wellness? Perhaps you are letting perfect be the enemy of progress. Knowledge is not (enough) power to make an impact. Learn out-of-the-box approaches to making daily progress that leads to lasting change, vitality and wellness – both inside and out.


Sohailla Digsby is a registered dietitian, author, and international speaker. She has been a group exercise instructor since she was a teenager.

She is a voice of reason – bringing clarity amidst all the nutrition fads and confusing misinformation that abound in the health and fitness space.

She partners with fitness professionals to help them launch 8-week challenges that help their clients get the results that workouts alone won’t deliver.

Sohailla is the recipient of several awards, including the 2018 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year for Augusta University’s Dietetic Internship, 2016 SCW Presenter of the Year Award and the Georgia Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Media Award in 2014.

She’s a mom of two boys, now 17 and 20, and a 14 year old diva she adopted from China. She married the fella that asked her to the Senior Prom: though she said no to Prom, they’ve been married for over 25 years.

To learn more about Sohailla Digsby: