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Week of January 18, 2020

A Whole New World Revealed

How our words shape the world we live in

That “something” behind those words….

A new way of Being with Your Inner Voice

Those small conversations that shaped your life……


Becoming the Author of your life!

It is more than just the words

BEing vs DOing   The two domains of life

Becoming a new observer of your Self


Our Bodies Lead in the Dance of Life

Learning happens in the body, Somatics can be a new way to freedom

Automaticity, you and those around you

Comfort Zones and the possibilities they bring


Transcending “The Swirl”

The Perfect Storm of Living in Language

The Inner Voice, Assessments, and Automaticity all join forces

There’s a joyous life outside this matrix


“The Shift” Being your own best coach

A whole new perspective for living

Living in the flow of Life, the Big Observer

Visioning your year, your life, your future…..


Author of SELF The Vast World Behind Your Words, Joel Kimmel is

a leading expert in the field of ontology – the study of “Being”- and how it impacts individuals and their lives. The words we speak, questions we ponder, and language we listen to shape our total perception of the world – both in the immediate moment and over the course of a lifetime.  Having been someone who has literally touched death and returned, he has a wealth of insight to share on that topic and how language and Being unite to create our reality.

Joel’s career covers a broad spectrum of coaching, from private clients to corporate executives, from family integration and visioning, to outreach programs for inner-city youth. Grounded in communication technology, his work includes organizational clients like US Bank, Shell Oil, Wells Fargo Wealth, Mattamy Corporation, Itron International, the Charles Schwab Foundation, and Allianz Life.  Joel’s perspective, whether as your individual coach or a keynote speaker, brings a fresh new approach to personal opportunity and change.

A military veteran, world-class athlete, and recipient of the Presidential Call to Service Award, Joel consistently nurtures those around him.  His promise is that those who engage with him will experience the benefits of personal awareness and creativity, an intimate sense of their true identity, SELF, and an expanded commitment to building honest and authentic personal relationships with ease and inspiration.