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Inner Fitness: Love and Mindfulness

Week of March 23, 2024

This lively, funny, and informative series will introduce skills for revolutionizing all of your relationships. You are welcome to attend all five talks or choose just one to fit into your schedule.

Love Secrets from the Masters
Theories peak and many disappear, while a few remain true over time.
Six essential skills and practices to help all of our relationships thrive—some you can guess; some will surprise you. Each of these secrets can be learned and mastered by anyone with the intention, will, and skill. Love Secrets Masters (Rancho) V2

The BIG SHIFT: Mindfulness in Life and Love
It is the quality of our relationships that helps us feel safe and happy, and mindfulness teaches us to love in ways that support our own wellbeing and that of our relationships.
Transition from outer connection to inner fitness. Shift from reacting to responding, from mindless to mindful, and from belonging to another to belonging to yourself. Learn the skills and practices to shift your relationships. 04 Mindfulness (Rancho) V3 SMALL

Love Cycles in All Our Relationships
Using the Love Cycles model from her two highly acclaimed books, Linda describes the stages of relationships, highlighting the challenges at each stage and demonstrating how to overcome each of these challenges and reinforce your strengths. Love Cycles Chart (Rancho) V1 SMALL

Five Basic Skills in Communication (PAUSE)
Communication defines the health of our relationships, and communication under stress can be particularly challenging. Using the acronym PAUSE, Linda provides tools for developing a healthy inner dialogue, even when you feel the stress reactions of fight, freeze, flight, or fold. Using three surprising facts about conflict, she also offers insight into how to transform defensiveness into open curiosity. 02 5 Basic Skills P.A.U.S.E. (Rancho) V4

Wholehearted Living and Loving: Cultivating True Presence and Three Magic Words
What does it mean to be truly wholehearted? How does our impact on others affect us in leadership and love? How can you cultivate the gift of presence and learn the three magic words that help others feel truly seen and help you be all you are meant to be? 01 Wholehearted Living (Rancho) V5


Linda Carroll holds a master’s degree in counseling and has practiced psychotherapy since 1981, specializing in couples and communication. She was licensed as a life coach in 2016. In her private practice, Linda works with couples in person and virtually throughout the USA. She has authored three books on personal growth and healing and is a frequent presenter at the Ranch on the topics of love, relationships, and inner fitness.