Inner Fitness: Making the Unconscious Conscious for Greater Happiness & Connection - Rancho La Puerta
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Inner Fitness: Making the Unconscious Conscious for Greater Happiness & Connection

Week of November 25, 2023

Attitude Awareness Tune-Up
Sometimes we can go on auto-pilot and feel like life is happening to us. Our mind tricks us into believing we have limited or no choice in a matter which is overwhelming. What if you could tap into more choice and feel more at ease? Join us to learn a simple yet powerful practical concept for feeling more empowered.

Slay Your Inner Critic
Our brains can be our best friends or our worst enemies. And since our brain has a natural negative bias (out of survival needs) our negative voices can be very draining and keep us from living the life we want. Join us to learn how to mitigate the impact of your inner critic and quickly recover back to your true authentic self.

Stuck Inside the Box? How to Get Out and Connect with Others
A good clue you’re “in the box” is when you feel emotionally charged/reactive, energy  depletion or just misunderstood. In this session we will focus on 4 boxes we put ourselves in unconsciously and how that impacts our own inner peace and our connections with others, plus you will learn new tools to get you unstuck!

Drop the Drama and Create Better Relationships
All good stories have 3 types of characters: victim, villain and hero. This dynamic makes for great entertainment, but we’re often unaware that we’re playing these roles in our personal lives. While it can provide short-term payoffs (like being “right”), the costs of maintaining unhealthy relationships are far greater. Join us in learning a fun process that will help you know when you are on the drama game board and how to get off.

(Re)Claim Your Authentic Self
We operate in a rapid-fire world; skimming, sprinting, and stuffing as much as we can into each day – and then we wonder why our gas tank is empty at the end. In this final session, you will learn a simple process that can bring you greater energy and clarity so you can lead a more purposeful life.


As a leadership coach, Julie Fotos works with individuals, co-leaders and teams to expand their range so they can access their full potential and reap all the benefits that come from it. Much like a trainer at a gym, Julie works with clients to strengthen muscles they did not realize they had, while giving over-developed muscles a rest. Julie believes people can achieve greater success and happiness by identifying and “unlearning” their own self-imposed beliefs. Julie has extensive experience in designing and conducting programs on cultural development, communication effectiveness, leadership development, and managing through change. Clients include: Grey Advertising, Hearst Corporation and Oliver Wyman.  Julie lives in New York City, but maintains her sanity at her little Catskills lake house.