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Inner Fitness Program

Week of October 19, 2024

DAY 1: Trusting Your Intuition
Unleash your potential in an enlightening session on trusting your intuition. We live in a world where logic and left-brain thinking reigns supreme, yet most of us have made decisions based on hunches or gut-feels where we can’t necessarily explain how we made these choices. Wouldn’t you like to live in a world that values both the logical and the intuitive? In this session we will learn about tapping into your innate abilities. Just as your remaining senses heighten when you lose one, intuition grows stronger when logic takes a step back. We all share these remarkable abilities; and emotions and bodily feeling are signals that reveal our inner states and information about the world around us. Learn to recognize when your intuition speaks.

DAY 2: What is Your “Why”?
I believe we each have special gifts that we are charged with bringing into the world.  These gifts are our “why”: why we were brought into this world, why we wake up in the morning and why the world needs these gifts.  So, what makes you special?   What are you good at doing?  What makes you proud?  What brings you joy?  We will explore our own individual purposes, by tapping into each era of our lives and noting what made us shine.  Rolling those special moments up, we will explore the themes that arise and make plans to bring our “why’s” into the world.

DAY 3: How to Get What You Want: Banish the “Yeah, Buts”
Change your thinking to get what you want and deserve.  So many times, we reach out to get what we want only to talk ourselves out of it later.  We stop ourselves because we fear standing out, or we believe our own negative self-talk.  We will explore this self-talk in a safe way, looking at how these ways of thinking served to keep us safe when we were younger. By re-writing the rules for a new era in your life you can begin to move confidently toward bringing your gifts into the world.

DAY 4: Anatomy of a Calling
Callings are often thought of as an exceptional skill in certain areas, but can also mean exceptional passion, even in an area in which we have little to no skill.  We each have a seed of a calling in us. Have you ever heard someone talking, or read a book, or worked with a group of people, and inexplicably felt such an urgency to learn or help more? We will explore “callings” and the idea that we were made for something big, and we will work together to see how we can bring some of our callings into our lives.

DAY 5: Your Ideal Day
So many times, we settle for less.  We decorate our homes to match someone else’s style, we work at boring jobs because they have good benefits, we socialize with people who don’t really “get” us, we eat food we don’t enjoy, and we spend time just pretending to care about things just because other people do.  In this class, I will take you on a group journey to discover your ideal day.  With no constraints, what would your ideal day include?  Would you wake up in Parisian pied-à-terre, or in a Brazilian tree-house?  Will you dress in flip-flops and a flowing skirt, or a tailored suit? Who is on the guest list for lunch? Maybe Oprah, Gandhi, extended family, or maybe just a quiet lunch with yourself? Get ready to play and dream big dreams! After our journey, we will note themes and explore ways to make these dreams into reality.


Dr. Kirsten Cameron is a psychologist, coach, and master hypnotherapist, and has developed and taught many captivating courses and retreats focusing on goal setting, mindfulness, intuition, energy management and thought-work.  Kirsten has worked in private therapeutic practice for over a decade, both in-person at her office and via video conference with personal and executive clients. She uses her wide range of experience and education to help great people make their lives exceptional. When she’s not working, you’ll find her meditating in her Zen den, or hiking and kayaking near her San Rafael, California, home. You can learn more about her at