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Inner Fitness: Reconnect with Your Human Being

Week of February 26, 2022

Adriana offers five 45-minute lessons based on her work as a Human Software Engineer and Be2Be-Coaching, Inc. principles and foundations.

Are you living as a human being or as a human doing?
The origins of our human nature and the Do/Have paradigm.


Free yourself from your inner blocks
Where are they stored? There is a way to access our stored memories and change them.
Our human operative system – An analogy with how computers work.


Getting to know your human
The 4 levels of our human existence, 4 levels of wellbeing, 7 dimensions of wellness.


In contact with your inner voice
Inner voice vs. mind chatter or mental interference. What are they made of, and how to listen to them so that they work in our favor, not against us?


How do I create my reality?
Why do problems exist? The two forces behind our perception of reality, and how I can untangle my reality.



Adriana Reid was born and raised in Mexico City and has resided in San Diego, Ca. since 2008. She has an MBA in Education, specializing in Family Counseling and Human Software Engineering.

After years of bouncing around in a survival mode to provide emotionally and financially for her 3 sons as a single mother, she is now privileged to be focused on her heart’s passion as the founder of Be2Be-Coaching, Inc. dedicated to helping humans live their lives in a fulfilling and easier way.

In her background there are many hours dedicated to families, helping children and adults overcome difficult situations and moments of crisis, by teaching them emotional self-sufficiency practices and techniques that she has gathered along the way on her healing journey. Among her favorites are, the pioneering field of Human Software Engineering which helps her understand and resolve blockages at the pre-verbal stages of our human conditioning at the level they were created and installed in our belief system; as she eloquently says: “Human conditioning determines and block the skills and abilities people have to resolve their inner conflicts and excel in life”.

Be2Be-Coaching principles -decode, recode, and reprogram, are directed to help clients find blockages, provide effective resolution to problems and/or challenges, regardless of the circumstances, and allow them to gain their power back to co-create and manifest their heartfelt desires.