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Inner Fitness: Your Way to Wellness

Week of April 27, 2024

Marianne Wells invites you to participate in an interesting, fun and light-hearted lecture series that re- writes the narrative of well-being, and shows you step by step how to reclaim your wellness. You are welcome to attend one or all five talks, whatever fits best into your schedule, on Your Way to Wellness!

Your Way to Wellness
The key to living your best life begins with the mind and how we perceive ourselves in the world around us. This discussion is designed to help you on your journey of positive transformation – regardless of your stage of life, personal views, or your emotional state. For many of us, we can simply improve our wellness based on a renewed way of observing who we are. We will explore unique ways to Inner Fitness, giving you tools to help with acceptance of where you are in life, and how to move forward toward better wellness. Our role as authors of our own wellness is to keep our Life Force strong. In yoga, we call this “breath of life.” In ayurveda, we call this “energetic conscious intelligence.” We will discuss these principles and how you can start your own personal journey. You will learn how to bring balance in your life- style, diet, and daily routine based on your needs and wants, as well as reconnect with a greater sense of purpose and inspiration in your life.

Loving Your Way to Wellness
Love is the essence of life. Learning to love yourself is key to living your best life. Loving wellness means knowing how to love more inwardly to enhance your ability to love more outwardly. As Sadhguru states – “nourish the root, not the fruit.” In the yogic tradition, the five koshas (physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, spiritual) are a way to explain how we exist –- from the physical layer to ever more subtle, yet more meaningful, layers of existence. We are an indistinguishable spectrum of existence, with each aspect of our being nourishing the others in a back-and-forth flow between the physical and the spiritual realms. In this talk, Marianne will guide you through the koshas so that you can experience the different aspects of your being. Learn and master the practices that bring a wholeness into living your best life.

Eating Your Way to Wellness
Food is medicine. With all the concepts on healthy eating that arise from time to time in our society, there is one that remains true – “We become what we eat!” The key to sustained nourishment that sup- ports our well-being begins with two essential skills to help us thrive in balanced / delicious living: (1)knowing which foods to eat (which to avoid), and how to combine foods in such a way that our appetite and individual nutritional needs are met, and; (2)reducing or eliminating emotional food cravings. Discover for yourself the very best ways to keep yourself full of “aliveness.”

Moving Your Way to Wellness
The human body was made to move. Our desires plant the spark that initiates movement – you have to want before you get. But one can become imbalanced in this drive to reach satisfaction to the detriment of our health and relationships. Knowing your Ayurvedic dosha type and fundamental tendencies will help you understand the types of activities (and when to do them) that will bring better health and harmony to your life and improve your relationships. We begin with an understanding of your lifestyle and what your body needs to bring it the best possible results in wellness for your age and circumstances. Join Marianne for an enlightening exploration of Ayurveda.

Sleeping Your Way to Wellness
Learn to be great in bed. While there are many ways to enhance your time under the covers, getting to the reasons why bedtime is not sleep time is the very best thing you can do for well-being. A good night’s rest depends on how we spent our day, and what we anticipate will happen in the coming days. This talk will help you understand how to navigate between over-activity (overdoing, worry) and inactivity (lethargy, grief ) to be in a peaceful and restful state where sleep can be easily attained. We will explore the ancient concept of the gunas from Samkhya philosophy. The three gunas are present in every person, and in everything in this world – even thoughts. It is the proportion between the three that dictates the differences in people and the things around us. From a personality or psychological perspective, under- standing the gunas helps us understand our tendencies. Furthermore, recognizing your current state of mind and the states of others, will provide you with powerful tools to bring more peace into your life.


Marianne WellsA leader in the yoga Ayurvedic community, Marianne Wells has dedicated the last 30 years to improving the lives of others through inspirational teachings and service to others. Marianne is renowned for mak- ing ancient wisdom and practices accessible to modern day seekers.

Marianne founded the longest continually operating Ayurvedic yoga school in Costa Rica, and has spread her teachings to the US, Canada, Bali, Spain, Mexico, and Jamaica. With a global reach of students in over 60 countries, Marianne is most proud of helping others to improve the quality of their lives, successfully navigating wellness paths through changing times, and launching their own holistic careers to impact the communities in which they live. Many footsteps to better lives have begun with her guidance and inspiration.

It was her students that created the trademark and hashtag ReallyRealYoga® – because everyone who experiences yoga with Marianne feels the difference deep within their body, mind, and soul – this is what Marianne simply calls yoga.