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iPhoneography with Yoni Mayeri

Week of June 29, 2024

All presentations will be on the iPhone; Android users welcome too. If you miss a session, it’s fine to show up for any sessions that work for your Ranch schedule. Bring you iPhone, fully charged, or just enjoy the presentations. For the third session download the Snapseed App by Google.

Welcome to the world of iPhoneography
The best camera is the one that is with you! In this engaging workshop, we will explore how to maximize the photographic potential of your iPhone or any mobile device. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, come to discover essential photography techniques, from mastering digital capture to selecting subjects that truly shine on the iPhone’s camera. This workshop is designed for all iPhone models and welcomes Android users as well. Bring your fully charged iPhone and be ready to participate or simply come and enjoy the presentation. Questions are encouraged throughout.

Unlock the potential of the camera in your iPhone
Elevate your images from ordinary to extraordinary by mastering its settings and uncovering its hidden features. Delve into best practices for exposure, focus, and composition, and learn how and when to utilize all built-in modes to capture stunning photographs. Join us for an informative session followed by a Q&A to enhance your iPhone photography skills.

Master the art of organizing and editing your photos
Explore the comprehensive features of the built-in Photos App with a focus on effective organization strategies. In this interactive workshop, discover essential photo editing techniques to enhance your iPhone captures effortlessly. Time permitting, we will delve into advanced editing with a live demonstration using the Snapseed App by Google, available for both iPhone (from the App Store) and Android (from the Play Store. Follow along as we demonstrate how to elevate your images and unleash your creativity digitally. Join us for hands-on learning and a Q&A session to refine your editing skills and create stunning digital pieces.

Top Ten Tips for iPhoneography
Discover how to maximize the potential of the camera that’s always at your fingertips. Learn to unleash your creativity and capture stunning images using your smartphone. We’ll explore accessories and websites to elevate your photography skills. Gain practical advice on saving, organizing, backing up, printing, and sharing your photographs effectively. Witness a live demonstration showcasing before-and-after photos to see these tips in action. Bring your questions and photos to share and edit.

Yoni Mayeri

Yoni Mayeri brings over three decades of professional photography experience, with a passion for pioneering iPhoneography over the past seventeen years. Her dedication to mastering this medium is evident through numerous exhibitions in prestigious galleries and museums. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Yoni shares her expertise in technology and art through courses, workshops and presentations at renowned institutions such as UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Google, and Rancho La Puerta. Her instructional career includes roles as an educator for Nikon, Minolta, and Polaroid, further underscoring her deep knowledge of photography. Yoni’s Instagram blog showcases exclusively iPhone-captured and edited photographs, offering a glimpse into her creative journey: http://instagram/yonimayeri