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Kettlebell Fitness For Everyone

Week of April 27, 2019

Get ready to feel your whole body!

Get stronger and more conditioned while learning proper form and technique using kettlebells, the TRX and your own body weight. Lauren will be offering

S/Tu/Th @ 3pm in Tolteca Gym
Kettlebell Training for Beginners – This class will teach you how to activate your glutes and abs like no other,  while spending time breaking down the complexities of the incredible kettlebell swing along with other fundamental kettlebell moves. The kettlebell swing is known for developing amazing strength, while torching fat, and working your entire cardiovascular system at the same time. Learn the swing and the basic fundamentals in these classes.

M/W/F   @ 10am in Tolteca Gym
3 Kettlebell/TRX Combo classes – These fun combo classes designed for all levels will be a faster pace than the beginner kettlebell classes. Kettlebell/TRX combo will be a full body balanced workout integrating both suspension training drills and basic kettlebell movements. There will be modifications for every level.  Be ready to feel muscles work you didn’t know you had, get your heart rate up, and feel energized for the rest of the day.

Get ready to feel your whole body ignited and activated.


Lauren Brooks is the founder and owner of On the Edge Fitness and Lauren’s Playground. With over 20 years of experience, Lauren has helped thousands of people get off the couch to move better, get stronger, leaner, and increase confidence with a simple, fun, and results-driven approach. Her kettlebell education and workout DVD’s have been shared all over the world. 

She specializes in helping people move better using unconventional raw training methods for all types of people. Lauren is the leading female pioneer of kettlebell training and is sought out all over the world for her expertise. Lauren is a mother of 4 children, writes for many fitness magazines and websites, enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, clean healthy cooking, being in nature and learning new things. Learn more about Lauren’s cutting edge approach and coaching at

I am honored and excited to work with the guests at the Rancho La Puerta Health Resort.