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Learn The Be Body Positive Model to Find Peace with Your Body

Week of September 2, 2023

Three sessions that will introduce you to powerful resources to inhabit your body with kindness, confidence and beauty.

Self-Compassion and Beauty: Powerful Qualities of the Heart That Correct for Self-Criticism and Perfectionism
In this brief introduction to The Be Body Positive model you will learn skills to make peace with your body and inhabit your life with joy and freedom. Learn how to cultivate a fierce quality of self-love that protects you from aggression from others as well as from the fearful and orphaned parts of yourself. Escape the failure of imagination represented in American beauty ideals and explore more imaginative ways of seeing your own and other’s beauty.

Transforming our Internal Orphans into Champions, Through Self-Love (two hours)
Cultivate Self-Love and turn towards your critical voice with kindness and curiosity to discover the power that comes from nourishing the fearful, orphaned parts of your psyche. Use the beautiful art room at the Ranch to create an effigy of your orphan and transform it through kindness and dialog. Embody this transformation to build internal confidence, stability and joy.

Embracing the Beauty of our Ancestors (One and a half hours)
Learn the powerful Be Body Positive competency of “Declare Your Own Beauty” as a resource for transforming your body image and finding more beauty in yourself and everyone around you. Free yourself from damaging and dissociated ways of relating to your body. Using discussion, writing and self-expression, we will gather resources to develop more creative and joyful ways of inhabiting your beauty.


Elizabeth Scott LCSW, CEDS-S, is an educator and psychotherapist whose work focuses on the intersection of embodiment, social justice and mindfulness. As Co-Founder and Director of Training for The Body Positive, Elizabeth has taught educators and students to use the Be Body Positive model to prevent eating disorders and promote joyful embodiment and excellent self-care since 1997. In her private practice, she trains treatment providers in her Big-Hearted Embodiment psychotherapy model. Elizabeth studies yoga, Tibetan, Pure Land and Insight Meditation practices to nourish non-violence and compassion in our precious world.