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Learn the Secret of Sounding

Week of May 11, 2024

Explore Sounds for Self-Empowerment and Healing
Enjoy the freedom of sounding! These sounds do not need to be loud or complicated to strengthen, ground, align and alleviate tension! Learn the secret of sounding.

Using Sound to Open Your Heart
This gentle way of sounding can be so restorative and healing. If you are recovering from overwork, emotional pr physical challenges or being in too much stress, learn simple vocal tools to reset, recenter and renew your heart.

Easy Sounding Tools to Reduce Stress, Fear and Anxiety
This unique way of using your voice in alignment with simple energy techniques provides an excellent way to experience freedom and possibility.

Sounds and Meditations to Assist Your Energy Body
Your energetic body can become depleted for many reasons. Learn about how to strengthen your boundary and your deep connection to  strength and peace.


Lisa Rafel Lisa Rafel has taught about self-empowerment, self-healing and using music and sound for healing for over 25 years. An internationally recognized expert in Vocal Sound Healing™ she presents at conferences and teaches privately and through workshops all over the world. Lisa is a composer, poet, playwright, shamanic healer and spiritual teacher. Her harmonic overtone singing with crystal bowls has been called, “the sound of language before the languages divided.”  Her concerts attune the listener to a deep experience of peace. Lisa has taught and sung in extraordinary sacred sites including in Chartres Cathedral in France, The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Sakya Monastery in Tibet, Shaman Conferences in Mongolia, and Sacred Music Festivals in Glastonbury, UK, San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA.  Lisa co-created the award-winning book/music set, Safe in The Arms of Love with collaborators Emmy Award winning composer/producer Gary Malkin and psychologist, David Surrenda, PhD. Their Positive Intention Music™ creates a measurable energetic connection between a mother and her baby. Lisa’s video, NOW IS THE TIME, music written and produced by Grammy Award winners Lili Haydn and Itai Disraeli, lyrics and performed by Lisa, is a rallying call to end pollution to protect future generations. All of Lisa’s projects support greater health and well-being.