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Learning to Live with Less

Week of May 11, 2024

Learning to Live with Less and Why it Matters
What are the financial and psychological costs that clutter can have on your personal and professional life? Leave this session with solutions to help you declutter and be motivated to discard unneeded ‘stuff.’ Presentation will include group discussion related to struggles with letting go of items in your home.

Spring Decluttering: 10 Items to Let Go of Today
Springtime is usually a period when people feel inspired to start fresh and anew.  But before Spring Cleaning, you may want to start with Spring Decluttering. In this session, get inspired to go home and declutter those 10 items that are no longer are serving you, so there is less to manage, clean, and dust. Get motivated to clear out the clutter to create space for new things to enter your life that are in alignment with your values and priorities.

Too Much Clutter?  How Do I “Let It Go?”
Are you stuck?  Feeling overwhelmed, too many clothes, piles of paper, photos, bags, spices, magazines, craft projects, China, and antique furniture? Have you inherited boxes of family heirlooms and have let them sit? Participants will learn the 5-step method of organizing items in your home and office. You will also learn about Brain Organizing to help you declutter your brain so you can declutter your life. Clearing out the clutter will create space for new things to enter your life that are in alignment with your values and priorities.

Tips for Downsizing
Do you or a family member need to downsize or right size their life?  Are you ready to move to a smaller place or just live with less? We will discuss what to do with all those mementos, kids school work, sports equipment, photos, dvds, and videos? Participants will leave with a new outlook on your items and be inspired to start downsizing now!


Amy CarstensenAmy Carstensen, a San Diego based Professional Organizer, started her business “Organizing  with Amy” in 2013. Amy holds a Master’s degree from UCSD in International Relations. She’s taught high school Spanish, worked for the International Community Foundation and was the Founder and Executive Director of Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center.  When she’s not out helping clients let go of excess Tupperware and bags, she’s home annoying her husband and two teenage boys reminding them “to never leave a room empty handed.”