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Life Planning

Week of March 6, 2021

In this series of classes Bob Logan will provide the attendees with a proven Life Planning Tool and a Roadmap guiding the participants to provide the contents and the steps to achieve their plan.

Is it too late to plan your life? No, because life today is often a series of careers. Even retirement is not the end of the road. Planning what you will do next also involves keeping yourself healthy and energized so you can fulfill your dreams.

The Roadmap and how to use it. Create Your Life Plan—Step 1
Where do I go from here? You will learn how easy it is to focus on your life vision.

  • Session 2  (review homework)

The Past—the Future Vision. Now what? We’ll talk about how your past experiences can help you in the future.
Integrate your Future Life with your Circle of Influence

  • Session 3

SWOT Analysis. This means analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may help or hinder your future plans.
Create your 3 Most Important Objectives to achieve your Life Plan.



Bob Logan is best known for leadership mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and business owners, to develop and achieve their business and life plans.

After more than 25 years in key leadership and management positions with three technology companies (IBM, Digital, ISI) my wife and I started Logan Consulting Services in 1994. Our mission is: “ Helping Business Leaders Improve their Business Performance while improving their Quality of Life.”   Within two years of the founding of Logan Consulting Services (LCS), members indicated that  “quality of life” and “life planning” were critically important to improving business performance.

Simultaneously with founding LCS, I became a TEC (now Vistage) Chair, taking over an existing group of CEO/entrepreneur members, founding a second group of CEO/entrepreneur members and a third Key Executive group. I chaired these groups for approximately 12 years running an annual 2 1/2 day Retreat for each group, which initially focused on Business Strategy and Operating Plans. The second year I introduced Life Planning at these Retreats which members voted as the most popular theme for all the Retreats going forward.