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Live with Greater Meaning and Joy

Week of February 16, 2019

Come experience a Spa for the Spirit with inspirational speaker and author, Karyn Kedar, and delve into ways that we can to live with greater meaning and joy.

Intuitive Listening: Discerning Your Path.
There is a choir of voices inside of us: a rational voice, telling us what to do, a psychological voice filled with story and emotion and a spiritual voice which guides our path, but often gets drowned out.

This workshop will help us discern between the voices. We live our fullest life when we are attuned to all aspects of ourselves, and when those voices are in alignment, guiding and supporting us in our spiritual unfolding.

Sustainers: How Your Inner Social Circle Mirrors Your Inner Self.
The quest for inner peace and self-actualization requires a community of sustainers. The people in our lives are ultimately a reflection of ourselves. If we are surrounded by negativity, we will reinforce the negative attitudes within us. If we are surrounded by positive energy, we will reinforce optimism and hope within our own life.

This workshop will explore how the people in our lives are powerful teachers of our soul’s journey. Are they life draining or life sustaining?

The Power of Perspective: Lack and Abundance, Fear and Love.
Many forces are at work inside us. We have forces from our past and our present. We feel fear; we feel hope. Perspective is the eyesight of the mind; how we choose to look at the world, at the events and people in our lives, and how we see ourselves.

This workshop will help us be mindful of how our individual perspective impacts our life. Lives are transformed when we make the choice to see things a different way.

The Redemptive Power of Your Personal Story: It’s all in the Telling.
Everyone has a story to tell and we shape our lives by the way in which we tell that story. If we tell our story as if events and people are interconnected, we shape our narrative to have meaning. If we tell our story as a series of life lessons and blessing, our understanding of ourselves and others is impacted positively.

This workshop will sensitize us that the narrative that we create of our past and present, impacts the quality of our lives.


Karyn Kedar is a nationally recognized speaker, author, teacher and an ordained rabbi. Having spent her entire life as a seeker, she is drawn to the mystery of life, writing and teaching with honesty, intention and mindful practice about beauty, struggle, healing and love.

Karyn invites you to come to the edge of what you know and sit awhile, to explore a spiritual path – guiding you toward a life of higher purpose, deeper meaning, and the wisdom to live fearlessly.

She is the author of several books, as well as a contributing poet and essayist. Her books include God Whispers: Stories of the Soul, Lessons of the Heart, and The Bridge to Forgiveness: Stories and Prayers for Finding God and Restoring Wholeness.

Karyn and her husband Ezra live outside of Chicago, Illinois. Their three children, spouses and four grandchildren are all finding their paths in Israel.