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Live Younger Longer! Using Nutrition and Lifestyle to Restore Vitality at any Age

Week of October 7, 2023

We are likely going to live much longer than previous generations. But living longer can be full and rich, with good energy and wisdom, or deteriorate into poor health and chronic disability. You can choose! Living longer is not the same as growing old. Vitality lets us live more life in each day. It is the quality that powers us to be healthy, strong, active and productive. We will discuss the keys to a life of health and vitality. You will have the opportunity to evaluate how you are doing in each area and create a roadmap for a life with balance, energy, resilience, and optimism. Each lecture is a blend of ancient wisdoms and cutting-edge nutritional research, with lots of practical pearls from my clinical experience as a naturopath and Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

These talks are excerpted from Dr. Gold’s online video course, “Live Younger Longer, Improve your Vitality at Every Age.”

Live Younger Longer: The Eight Keys to Vitality at Every Age
80% of how we age is within our control. Your DNA is not your destiny.

Improving Vitality:  How to Get Your Sleep and The Truth about Hormone Balance.
Sleep is the most regenerative thing we can do for ourselves, and most people cannot get the sleep they need. Hormones control our experience of ourselves. Learn what you need to know for optimal hormone balance.


Iris GoldDr. Iris Gold is an Oriental Medicine doctor and licensed acupuncturist with extensive experience in natural medicine. Throughout her thirty years of clinical practice, she has happily specialized in the issues of women’s health, guiding hundreds of women to achieve balance and ease during the roller coaster ride of hormonal transitions. Aside from her practice in Marin County, California, Iris’ personalized consulting and coaching practice, Live Well Coaching, is designed to empower her clients with the skills they need to live healthfully with energy, ease, and vitality. She was originally trained as a microbiologist and was planning on attending allopathic medical school. Instead, after a six-month trip to Asia in the early 70’s, where she first began to study yoga and meditation, her life took a turn. She returned to attend three years of naturopathic medical school before going on to Acupuncture school and receiving her doctorate in Oriental Medicine in China in 1989. She has been a frequent lecturer at acupuncture conferences in California, and a guest expert at spas and cruises in Mexico and Asia. She served on the Board of the California State Organization of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture for five years, and also is a volunteer acupuncturist at a clinic in the mission district of San Francisco, providing free treatments to low-income women with cancer.  Her volunteer work also includes being a community leader in the Pachamama Alliance, an organization dedicated to creating a sustainable, just and thriving world for all beings.