Living Awake: Grief, Grace and Gratitude - Rancho La Puerta
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Living Awake: Grief, Grace and Gratitude

Week of November 30, 2019

Katheryn and Lilli have created presentations designed for: intentionally cultivating curiousity; connecting more deeply with your self; and experiencing the benefits of greater depth of presence. Embedded in these offerings is recognizing the value of becoming more intimate with difficulty, comfortable with discomfort, while embracing the truth that lives in paradox. Through creative and joyful means, inspirational inquiry reveals beneficial openings and ease in body, heart and mind.


Over a decade ago, Lilli developed a model of Learned Happiness, which continues to synthesize cutting edge research in the fields of Neuropsychology, Buddhism, Spirituality, and Transformational Learning. For over thirty years, her work includes educating and encouraging students and clients to delve deeper into their well-spring of well-being. Lilli considers herself a Pracademic; adept at bridging the academic with the practical; innovatively translating research into effective approaches for life. Her guiding principle is “Conscious Suffering cultivates Essential Happiness”.

Lilli is as an Associate Professor at Gonzaga University and City University. She has a unique capacity for translating discoveries in seemingly disparate fields into simple exercises for living a meaningful life.  Currently she is creatively implementing these ways of being in her work as a Supervisor at four non-profit agencies in Victoria, BC, Canada, and in her joy as a Psychotherapist in private practice.


“What really matters? Love has no opposite. So I love dancing with paradox. From this viewpoint I can see how we connect and are joined by our commonalities.”
-Katheryn Trenshaw

Katheryn Trenshaw, the founder and creative director of the Passionate Presence Center for Creative Expression, is an inspiratrice and evocateur of presence and possibility. She creates spaces through which authentic expression can flow from source and radical well-being happens through living THIS.

Katheryn is an international artist, teacher, writer, art therapist and creative consultant who has offered, for over 35 years, training and facilitation in movement, art and personal development particularly focused on awakening as Embodied Consciousness. She conducts educational events, workshops, multimedia projects and undertakes consulting for individuals, groups and organizations in the United States, Europe and around the world.

Some of her projects include: The multimedia In Your Own Skin Project with a new book available from Amazon. The 10 year tour of the Breaking the Silence Project offers healing through illustrated talks, mask-making and workshops, and includes an upcoming book.

And her most recent three year adventure, Facing Death: a Radical Well-Being Sabbatical, addresses overcoming advanced breast cancer and realizing more than ever how precious and juicy life is. This more persistently informs, underpins and enhances every single moment and all of the work and depth of presence that Katheryn offers.

About Katheryn and Lilli
We met on a dance floor at Rancho La Puerta, a synchronistic gateway for discovering our mutual passions and gifts; such as reverence for life, pigheadedness, and being easily moved to tears.

We soon discovered the waters ran deep between us and flowed into this offering of an abundant bouquet of sixty years of training, experience, and teaching. Our multitude of modalities include meditation, integrative health, somatic practices, dynamic communication, movement, and creative expression.

Our complementary styles and skills dove-tail to provide a safe atmosphere for diving deep, connecting with love, and transformation.
We are a dancing paradox. Our collaboration creates a synergistic and beauty-full movement into Living Awake.