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Medical Qigong (Chi Kung)

Week of April 3, 2021

Sunday, April 4th (Easter)
Earth, Universe & Humanity – The Three Treasures & Medical Qigong

Take a deep dive into your energy body and experientially learn of the Three treasures within Earth, Universe & Humanity.  Creating balance in these treasures can lead to harmony and well being in body, spirit, and mind. In the following sessions, we will expand and deepen with a focus on each of the five Yin organs. Each organ has many layers of influence including yin and yang balance, mental and emotional stability, and connection to our highest Self.

It is not necessary to take earlier sessions to attend. The practice is energetically powerful yet physically gentle and can be practiced standing or seated. All are welcome!

Monday, April 5th
Lungs: Breathe, let go and build courage

Tuesday, April 6th
Kidneys: Rejuvenate, cultivate body wisdom

Wednesday, April 7th
Liver: Relax, clear boundaries with compassion

Thursday, April 8th
Heart: Calm, peaceful spirit

Friday, April 9th
Spleen: Digestion, grounded and content


Linda Burquez is a doctor of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy (D.M.Q. China). She has been practicing and teaching energy medicine and movement since 1995. Linda believes that the pathway to harmony is a joyous connection to our body and to find practices that support that feeling. Linda’s training is infused with her depth of experience in delivering training programs, leading retreats, creating a thriving studio, and recently circling the globe lecturing and sharing self-healing practices as a Visiting Practitioner for Viking Cruise and Six Senses Resorts. She currently offers online programs and personal training.