Meditation with Jacques-Pierre Cole - Rancho La Puerta
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Meditation with Jacques-Pierre Cole

Week of September 21, 2024

Zen Master Bon Jacques-Pierre Cole practices the Ngagpa tradition of Tibetan spiritual legacies which focuses on compassion and love. His deep curiosity about the world has led him down a life-long path of wonder and beauty. Jacques-Pierre has served in the U.S. military and has built non-profits to help those in need. After many years of spiritual exploration, Jacques-Pierre was ordained a Zen Buddhist Monk in 2012 and began teaching others how to heal with Mudra Meditation, how to face their fears, and how to find their authentic purpose. He shares his wisdom on his Sunday morning radio show, “Art of Living.”

“Live everyday not as if it were your last, but for what it can be, a journey into the unknown… There is nothing better than genuine human kindness. Be that person.” – Zen Master Bon Jacques-Pierre