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Mindful Sleep, Mindful Dreams

Week of January 19, 2019

The Truth about Sleep.
Sleep problems are the most prevalent health concern in the U.S. today. Chronic sleep and dream loss is strongly linked to weight problems, numerous illnesses and even depression. And healthy sleep has emerged as a cornerstone of a healthy and happy life. This presentation takes a truly fresh look at sleep from an integrative health perspective that blends science and spirituality. It addresses environmental, medical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of sleep as the foundation for the Healing Our Sleeplessness presentation later in the week. 

The Truth about Dreams.
Dreaming is so much more than most of us have come to believe. REM sleep and dreams play a critical role in our emotional well-being, our ability to learn and the formation of our memories. Too many of us, however, are at least as dream deprived as we are sleep deprived. And dream loss has been associated with inflammation, mood disorders including depression and anxiety, and even dementia. As importantly, dreams offer us nightly opportunities for a deeper understanding of ourselves, our relationships and our spiritual lives 

Healing Our Sleeplessness.
Based on the new perspective of sleep discussed earlier in the week, this presentation will provide practical suggestions for managing various types of insomnia as well as a consideration of snoring and apnea.  We will address insomnia comprehensively – from a body, mind and spirit perspective — including a discussion of sleeping pills and natural alternatives, the critical role of light and darkness, the facts about melatonin, the practice of surrendering to sleep, and the surprising challenges of “sleeping together.”

Healing Our Dreaming.
Dreams remind us of a mysterious order behind all things and offer invaluable insight into healing and spirituality. This presentation addresses practical aspects of dream health, including ways of managing dreams in depression, bad dreams, nightmares and REM sleep behavior disorder, as well as ways of promoting healthy dreaming. We’ll also discuss dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, the ‘waking dream,’ and the role of dreams in creativity. This “dialogical” mind and heart opening approach to dreaming reveals a sacred portal to a deeper and richer experience of life.

The Breakfast Sleep & Dream Circle.
Based on practices in indigenous “dream cultures” around the globe, the Sleep and Dream circle is a loosely structured, open-ended discussion of personal sleep and dream issues over breakfast. The Circle provides a safe setting conducive to understanding our dreams as well as discussing the role of dreaming in our lives. All are welcome!


Dr. Rubin Naiman is the sleep and dream specialist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine, directed by Dr. Andrew Weil. He is an internationally recognized expert in integrative approaches to sleep and dreams.  His publications include Healing Night, Healthy Sleep (with Dr. Weil), The Yoga of Sleep, and Hush: A Book of Bedtime Contemplations. He also blogs for Huffington Post and Psychology Today. His work has been described as “life changing!”