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Mindful Yoga | Ann-Marie Ahye

Week of July 13, 2019

Mindful Yoga is an approach that focuses on bringing conscious awareness to the breath and movement of the body/mind while engaging in the asanas.  Beyond seeking to do the poses the emphasis is on being present and attentive to the tapestry of sensations that is one’s more subtle experience.  Harnessing such close awareness brings a fine tuning of sensitivity which enables inner adjustments to register rather than imposing an abrasive form.  The experience is an organic one which allows the individual to resonate with a natural and balanced rhythm.

The habitual forcing and controlling motives that underly the ego are revealed through practice.  As these traits are seen and dropped, an ease comes forward.  With ease comes space and an affinity towards a centred alignment.  Enhanced strength, integrity and flexibility develop.  Additionally, close inner connection brings forward spontaneous insights which illuminate self-understanding.  It is this that sets us free.


Ann-Marie AhyeAnn-Marie Ahye
I view myself as a quietly passionate Yoga & Meditation teacher, inspired and transformed by over 25 years of Yoga Sadhana. I credit my ability to teach the deeper meaning of Yoga to my ongoing self-inquiry and experiential learning. 

My inner quest was given momentum by an emotional crisis which led me from a career in Architecture into a direct Self-search.  In hindsight, my study of Practical Philosophy at the School of Economic Science, (London) gave me tools to creatively move through this experience. These tools were further enhanced through Meditation and Healing Courses that I attended at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  So much was absorbed during the intense time of rebirthing that ensued. Then came a period of assimilating and becoming grounded in the real growth that transpired.  And, I credit the vibrational energy of nature’s embrace in Trinidad & Tobago for bringing forward in me, a quality of maturing Presence.  I further credit the example of innate goodness of my parents and a silent teacher.

My initial 13 year Yoga practice was self-taught.  This was followed by a Yoga Teacher training at Esther Myers Yoga Studio, Toronto which offered a foundation in technique.  Early on in my training I was prompted by an understanding that, as much as a dancer is reliant on technique, the transmission is ‘dry’ if they ‘have no feel for the music’.   With this awareness I have endeavoured to draw on Hatha and Yin styles so as to warmly infuse my craft with an harmonious blend of energy, which is both grounded and ethereal. My practice and teaching have been primarily influenced and inspired by Richard Miller, Angela Farmer and Sarah Powers together with my own inner guidance.  From the boon of direct experience I seek to share a calm and relaxed atmosphere to encourage the restoring of balance to body, mind and heart.  My approach towards Yoga as towards life is a Mindful one.

I live and teach Yoga & Meditation in Toronto.  I also lead Workshops and Retreats in Toronto, Nanaimo and the Caribbean. Since 2004 I have led an annual, week long Retreat in Tobago and have been a guest teacher at Rancho La Puerta Fitness & Spa Resort, Mexico since 2007.  

Additionally, I offer Energy Balancing and have created a ‘Mindful Yoga’ DVD and a Guided Relaxation CD, ‘Travelling Inward’.