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Moments of Meaning: Healthy Relationships

Week of February 20, 2021

Exploring The Mother Daughter Relationship
A woman’s relationship with her mother is among the most profound in her life.  Jeannie explores the joys and challenges that mothers and daughters encounter as they yearn to be close and also struggle to be separate. Gain insight about the woman you’ve become by exploring your story with your mother.  Come to remember, reflect, learn, and laugh!

Love’s Journey: Intimate Relationships
What makes love endure?  How do we keep the fire burning?  Jeannie answers these questions by sharing an intimate look inside her marriage as she and her husband grow through junctures both bumpy and beautiful. Explore the evolution of your own love, whether you’re with a longtime partner, on the precipice of new romance, or flying solo at the moment.  Consider the eternal truth: love’s journey is not just about the blaze in the beginning, but about finding ways to ignite the flame again and again.

The Interior Journey: Deepening Your Sense of Self
Part of any journey towards wholeness includes an ongoing awareness of our true desires and then harnessing those desires so that we might live with greater joy, clarity, and purpose.  To this end, Jeannie invites participants to reflect on meaningful moments in their lives and to identify what is life-giving, as well as life-draining for them.  The content from these reflections provides the seeds for continued growth with intention.

Parenting Adult Children: Shifting Expectations and Boundaries
Wholesome and effective parenting of young children is quite a different equation once those children reach adulthood. Expectations shift and boundaries change — leaving some parents elated with their fresh freedom, while others struggle with new dynamics.  We will explore healthy paradigms for this stage  and share some laughs along the way!


Jeannie DuBose, M.S. is an author, illustrator, and spiritual director.   As an experienced facilitator and retreat leader, Jeannie works with a variety of institutions and groups, including wellness centers, schools, faith communities, and prisons.   A graduate of Vanderbilt University, she received a master’s in counseling psychology from Georgia State University and a certificate in spiritual formation from Columbia Theological Seminary. Jeannie and her husband raised their three children in Atlanta; they currently make their home in Montreat, North Carolina.  She has written and illustrated two memoirs: The Mother Daughter Dance and Tending the Fire: The Story of a Marriage. To learn more about Jeannie’s work, visit