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Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered

Week of June 22, 2024

Exploring the Complexities of the Mother-Daughter Dynamic
The bond we share with our mother shapes our lives. While this connection can be nurturing and supportive, it can also be challenging and even detrimental. Join us in this transformative workshop led by author, Diane Danvers Simmons of My Mother Next Door, Diane Danvers Simmons and her daughter Natalie Simmons, hosts of the enlightening podcast, Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of motherhood and the complexities of our identities as mothers and daughters, the conflicting emotions of loss and longing, embracing forgiveness and acceptance of our mothers’ imperfections, breaking free from harmful patterns to forge stronger relationships with the next generation, and discovering effective ways to foster open and honest communication with our mothers and daughters as we move forward.

Disclaimer: Please note that this workshop is designed to be an experiential journey and discussion. As such, it should not be considered as medical advice or a substitute for professional help

Uncovering Our Story:
We all have a story – a story which begins with our mothers. In the first of this four-part workshop, you will unpack your own story guided by memoir author, Diane Danvers Simmons, and discover how this narrative has shaped you.

Empathizing with Our Mother: What would you learn if you were cast as your mother in a movie? Step into your her shoes in the second workshop of this four-part series. Together we will uncover our mother’s deeper motivations working to understand their perceived imperfections with newfound empathy.

Breaking Generational Patterns:
Each of has the opportunity to set a new path forward for the next generation. During this session we will revisit both stories – yours and your mothers – and examine how they differ and where they overlap. We will ask ourselves what we can learn from, versus what we can thoughtfully leave behind? We will then transition to exploring how this exercise can support us in managing expectations and nurturing the next generation.

Intergenerational Conversations:
In our final workshop together we move from self-reflection to action. Our goal is to share ways we can bridge the intergenerational gaps through conversation. Our intention is to coach each other through how to honor, respect, and support each other’s dreams; and accept our own needs, boundaries, and evolution to maintain a strong loving bond as we grow individually and together.

Diane Danvers Simmons is the author of My Mother Next Door, her debut novel, which explores her relationship with her mother and her abandonment. Diane identifies with many titles from world traveler to speaker, reiki master, brand builder, women’s activist, and advocate. Ultimately, her role as mother rises above the others; she prides herself on her relationships with her children, including co-host and founding an inter-generational podcast with her daughter entitled “Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered” which explores topics facing women of all ages today from the lens of their relationship. A British native and American transplant, she strives to lead a mission-driven life with the goal of sharing stories that shine a light, inspire the humanity in each of us, and encouraging empathy and unity in our fractured, mad, world.

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Checking most of the boxes you’d expect from a millennial: achievement-oriented, entrepreneurial, social impact driven, and restless *audible sigh*, Natalie Danvers Simmons is outspoken and honest-to-a-fault (she keeps Diane honest too)! A digital nomad since 2022, Natalie is chasing stamps on her passport and the finish line of her next triathlon all while managing her operations team in NYC hosting team-building-focused corporate events. Her heart is in furthering women’s rights and opportunities as she serves on the board of Nevada’s first abortion fund and volunteers her extra hours as a Hotline Advocate for the DC Rape Crisis Center.

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