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Bold Futures – Moving Towards Personal Mastery

Week of May 4, 2024

Introduction to our SPIRE framework (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational, Emotional)
We will get an understanding of this IMPORTANT framework and begin to develop a roadmap for creating our personal Vision/Mission (Spiritual).

A Roadmap for creating our personal Vision/Mission-Part 2
We continue to develop our vision and mission which is one of the most powerful and impactful things we can do in our lives. All of our future goals and decisions will be based on this fluid document. It will be our North Star.

Courageous Relationships
We will work with tools and stories that nurture deep relationships with others and ourselves and the impact communication has on our relationships (Relational).

Emotions and Self-Compassion
We will look at how we can observe our “stories” with compassion, curiosity and courage and acknowledge all emotions that enable positive self-regard (Emotional). 

Wrapping it up – Personal Mastery and Well Being
We will fill out our SPIRE framework that will help us sustain personal discoveries and insights as we reflect on our entire time at the Ranch and beyond.


Barbara Healy is a trusted leadership advisor, executive and well-being coach and facilitator dedicated to helping leaders create courageous futures. With over 25 years of experience across industries – spanning startups, mid-stage, Fortune 500 giants and non-profits and has earned her praise as a “game Changer”. Barbara has held numerous leadership positions. She has taken her expertise in “all things talent management” to numerous clients. Among many, Barbara has worked with the leadership teams at Yale/New Haven Healthcare system, Goldman Sacs and Boeing. A life-long learner, Barbara is a master facilitator of The Coaching Clinic. She is certified in Positive Psychology, Team Emotional Intelligence and Communication Styles. With an M.S. in organizational systems renewal & whole systems design, she is a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School’s The Art and Practice of Leadership Development and Boeing Company’s Accelerated Quality Improvement Program as well as Corporate Coach University.

“I am authentic, empathic, positive and challenging. My gift is insight and intuition. My purpose is to help people develop and evolve. Let’s create Bold Futures Together!