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Music is Medicine for the Body, Heart and Soul

Week of December 5, 2020

Music is Medicine for the Body, Heart and Soul:
An Interactive Evening About the Healing Power of Music with Emmy-award winning Composer, Producer, and Singer/Songwriter, Gary Malkin 

Music is an incredibly powerful phenomenon that touches us in profound ways. For more and more people, music transcends being simply a form of entertainment to become much more: a resource for healing and a connection to the things that matter most during the critical passages in our lives. This way of harnessing the “universal language of emotion” can enhance and uplift our lives (and environments) in meaningful and healing ways. It can awaken joy, reduce stress, and create more humane ecosystems of compassion and empathy. These multi-sensory experiences can rebalance our hearts and minds and nourish our souls. Join multiple Emmy award-winning composer/producer and arts in health professional in an interactive evening of inspiration and song to share with your newfound Rancho La Puerta friendships.

Afternoon Workshop:

The SoulSong Process™
Birth Your Emergent Self into Being through the Power of Music
Guided by Emmy Award-Winning Composer, Gary Malkin

As we assess the changes that have been thrust upon us during these extraordinary times, many of us are feeling called to co-create a more generative way of living, leading, working, and engaging that reflects a deeper understanding of what really matters most.

For most of us the old ways of operating demonstrated a fundamental imbalance between our minds and our hearts – with too much “doing” and not enough “being.” An overwhelming “busy-ness” gradually pulled us away from our essential selves. It became easy to lose sight of what was needed to live lives with deeper meaning, purpose, integrity, and compassion.

Music, the universal language of human emotion, is a key to rediscovering and restoring your essence and to connecting with universal forces. The SoulSong Process harnesses music in a specific way. It blends the transformative power of intention with the magic of your own voice – whether or not you think you can sing – to reconnect you with your own heart-centered wisdom. That wisdom can illuminate your way to your unique “new normal.” Join composer Gary Malkin in a transformative, unforgettable experience!