Musical Exploration with Royce and Rory - Rancho La Puerta
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Musical Exploration with Royce and Rory

Week of July 27, 2024

Royce and Rory kick off their  program with a Sunday Concert!
Join them for their daily songwriting class with coaching included in preparation for Thursday’s RLPGT.
Add more fun with three lighthearted improv classes.

Sunday through Thursday: 60 minute session each day
Participants in the class will partner with Royce and Rory to learn the basic building blocks of songwriting in multiple genres. The class is focused on answering the simple question: why do we love songs, and what is it about those songs that makes us love them? The aim for the end of the class is to have each student be an active participant in songwriting, and feel confident in their ability to express themselves in a way they hadn’t been able before. We will also help coach and workshop original music so if any participants want to share their song at the talent show, we can help prepare them and give them confidence to do so.

Three family-friendly 60 minute sessions
Improv is the fundamental practice of thinking on your feet and creating character. Primarily used as an acting or comedic exercise, improv has many general applications and is an invaluable tool in helping people think on their feet and feel confident in spontaneous situations. It’s also hilarious, fun, and teaches trust. Learn basic improv games and the foundation of how to succeed at improv. It will be lighthearted, fun, and a great way for guests to get out of their comfort zone and connect with each other.


Royce Lundquist is a multi-disciplinary artist living in LA. Drawing inspiration from his childhood spent abroad in the military, Royce has a unique perspective on life that he weaves into his music, acting, and storytelling. Royce studied music and acting at the Orange County School of the Arts, before attending Pace University’s International Performance Ensemble in acting and directing in New York City, and graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Theater Arts. Royce looks for opportunities to tell complex stories of people’s experience with faith and love.



Aurora SageAurora Lundquist is an upcoming singer-songwriter living in Nashville. She is a junior at Belmont University majoring in Songwriting and minoring in classical voice. Finding her roots in participating in musical theater and arts she found true love for songwriting and performing. In February of 2023 she released her first single titled Habit, and since has released two new singles. She writes about her own experiences and experiences in the lives of others in order to create music that is meaningful and relatable. She writes pop, indie and R&B but has had experience in all genres.