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Natural Healing for Health

Week of January 30, 2021

Nourishing the Brain for Wisdom and Wellness
A healthy brain and mind are essential tools for living our best lives. Whether your concerns are occasional brain fog or a family history of dementia and Alzheimer’s, you do not have to resign yourself to future cognitive decline. Learn some basic brain science and self-assess ways to improve your mental capacity. Learn self-care techniques to keep your neurons firing for optimal performance.

Hidden Causes of Slow Metabolism
Learn about five factors you might not have considered (or treated) that affect weight and energy. Factors range from genetics to the microbes in your gut to vitamin deficiencies. Discover which ones may apply to you.

The Science of Stress
The epidemic of our modern era is stress. Learn how it impacts you and what to do about it (other than burning your appointment calendar!). Come away with accessible lifestyle strategies to make you more stress resilient.

How We Eat vs. What We Eat
Dr. Oberg’s original scientific research, since confirmed by others, demonstrates that how we eat is more important than what we eat. Learn why carbs aren’t the enemy and how a traditional Sunday dinner can heal you. This presentation also covers dietary patterns associated with the world’s longest living populations.


Dr. Erica Oberg, ND, MPH has practiced integrative & natural medicine for nearly 20 years. She has held leadership positions in medical schools, NIH research, public health, and clinical practice. Her approach to health and medicine combines the rigors of science with the wisdom of nature and our bodies. She is passionate about helping people experience health as a state of vibrancy and vitality. She is an expert in nutrition, metabolism, and alternatives to drugs and surgery. Dr. Oberg’s clinical practice focuses on preventing, reversing, and taming chronic disease, neurodegeneration, and metabolism imbalances. Dr. Oberg specializes in nutrition & lifestyle, IV micronutrient therapy, and identifying the underlying causes of disease using advanced testing.  When not partnering with patients in healing, Dr. Oberg tries to walk her talk. She stokes her own health racing sailboats, staying active & eating well, playing with her dog, and surrounding herself with inspiring people who make her laugh.