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Navigating Transitions

Week of October 3, 2020

All of us experience transitions and change as we live life – such as career, starting a business, new relationships, divorce, empty nesting, retirement, change in health and loss of a loved one. The river is a powerful metaphor to explore our life journey.  The twists and turns in the river of our lives can shake us to our very core. These challenging life events are also an invitation to wake up to ourselves and to new possibilities. This workshop series offers you powerful and meaningful ways to successfully navigate the unchartered waters of life transitions. This series is perfect for those experiencing or considering making a life transition and want approaches to create greater fulfillment and joy in their lives.

“The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure.” ~Richard Bach


Workshop 1 – Common Mistakes that Keep You Stuck
Learn practical ways to maneuver through the rough waters of change by knowing how to avoid the three most common mistakes that keep you stuck. You’ll also explore the stages of transitions and understand “where you are” so that you build confidence and hope as you venture into this unknown territory.

Workshop 2 – Discover Your Personal Compass
Dale will teach you how to create your personal compass that that helps you find clarity and direction. You’ll discover intrinsic values and motivators that help you make better decisions and support a “soul” satisfying life – and keeps you in the flow of life!

Workshop 3 – Chart a New Direction
Whether you are in the middle of a transition or about to make a bold life decision, this workshop will guide you in uncovering what you want your ideal life to look like. Through fun engaging activities, you’ll begin creating a new compelling vision for your life.

Workshop 4 – Find Your River of Resilience
Transitions are difficult. We grow thirsty to find what will get us back on purpose and re-engage us in the joy of living with greater vitality. You’ll create personal strategies to tap into the River of Resilience that help you cope and lets your new life emerge.


Dale Beaman, MPH, PCC, Executive Coach, Consultant, and Speaker
Dale serves as a catalyst to help clients create positive change and transformation. She specializes in guiding clients through difficult transitions to find their best path for growth and success. “I want people to know that even during intense times of change, this is also a time of exciting new possibilities and an opportunity to become more authentic in how you live your life.”

She holds a Master’s in Public Health and has earned the International Coach Federation’s Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation. She is dedicated to guiding individuals, leaders and teams in navigating values, connecting to purpose and creating vision that unleashes potential. Her personal philosophy is “When we live our deepest values, discover our purpose and set our direction, we experience more health, wealth, and happiness in our work and personal lives.”

She has 25+ years of diversified business and leadership experience in health care, financial, government, manufacturing, and non-profit sectors. She has a proven track record of facilitating and leading teams in strategic planning, creating new products and services and advancing organizational change that significantly increases impact and accelerates results.

Dale is the founder of Beaman Coaching & Company, LLC, a coaching and consulting business, since 2003. Check out She is an active leader of the International Coach Federation and past President of the North Florida chapter.

Dale is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia and now lives in Jacksonville, Florida. She enjoys spending time with her significant other, Robert, hiking, kayaking and taking beach walks.