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Week of December 25, 2021

Eating for Energy: Ways to Change What you Eat from SAD to glad
Come learn about how food provides energy to sustain you throughout your day and throughout your life. Jill provides an overview of her top food choices for health and longevity. She will also talk about how to make dietary changes, if you want to.

Superfoods and Supplements: What Do You Really Need?
Each week it seems that there is a new “superfood”: that we can include to change our diet. Which ones truly are “superfoods” and why? We seem to have become a nation of people who take many supplements. Which ones might be good for you? How to tell? And why take them? In this session Jill Nussinow will discuss what you need to know to give your food a boost.

Tap into Your Nutrition Intuition
In this session you will learn about “intuitive eating” and how to use what you already know to nudge your eating habits in the best direction for you. Learn the process to keep yourself accountable. You will also learn about resources that feed into this way of thinking about eating. Jill will also discuss some common foods that can lead us in a more unhealthy direction and how to deal with those.

Your Gut, Your Health: Probiotics and Beyond
Come learn about the role that a “healthy and happy” gut plays in your overall health from head to toe, and everywhere in between. Jill will discuss prebiotics, probiotics and steps you can take to maintain good gut health, immunity and more.


Jill Nussinow is a culinary educator, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the author of four cookbooks. Her award-winning cookbooks feature plant-based recipes and include The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment, The New Fast Food, Nutrition CHAMPS and her most recent, and most loved by the public book: Vegan Under Pressure. Jill is a pressure cooking (think Instant Pot), vegetable, fermentation and mushroom expert.  She has been helping people achieve better health through teaching them about improved nutrition through food. Jill has been teaching people about plants and how to cook with them for the past 30 years. She is an adjunct culinary instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College, teaches for the McDougall program and is a frequent cooking teacher and guest nutrition lecturer at Rancho La Puerta. Nothing makes Jill happier than teaching people how to cook and eat well and sharing her thoughts and health philosophy. She believes that her success stems from her passion and love of good health and how she infuses love into everything that she does. Her website is