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Nutrition and Your Health

Week of November 4, 2023

Understanding Macronutrients: Your Key to Healthy Eating
What are macronutrients?  How much of each macronutrient do you need? What’s the latest science say about what you should eat? Does each meal have to be balanced for optimal health? What foods does your body need to function efficiently? Join me for an unbiased, science-based course on the basics of nutrition and your health.

Danielle Hazard is a San Diego based nutrition professional with 20 years in the field. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Nutrition. Her expertise includes: nutrition education, healthy meal planning and prep, nutrient and food analysis, food research, recipe development, testing, and writing. She currently works with SkinnyTaste where she writes weekly healthy meal plans and just finished working with the author on her 7th cookbook. In her free time, Danielle enjoys yoga, traveling, learning new things, walks with her very energetic Boston Terrier, and spending time with family and friends