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Nutrition Wellness

Week of October 17, 2020

Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Living, with Jody Miller, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist

What and how we eat is a critical component of our personal wellness and health. Learn the facts about nutrition, calories and food variety to meet your individual needs and preferences. Explore factors that influence eating and emotions surrounding food and weight, using mindfulness and self-compassion to become intentional about food choices, without restriction or denying foods.

Eating Right for Life – Dietary Nutrition
Clear up the confusion about carbs, fats and proteins, and explore foods that will promote energy and good health for vitality and a healthy weight.

Building Healthy Eating Patterns – Behavioral Nutrition
Learn intuitive eating strategies and how to eat to optimize nutrition and really enjoy food and eating.

Managing & Confronting Cravings – Mindful Eating
Explore cravings, forbidden foods and emotional eating. You will learn the steps to developing a healthy relationship with all foods.

Appetite X Factors that Influence Eating – What Gets in Our Way
Nutrition is not just about the foods we eat. Gain a better understanding of other factors that affect appetite and body weight including sleep, stress, medications and hydration.

Metabolism and Healthy Weight
Learn how to use food and exercise to boost your metabolism for sustainable weight loss or weight maintenance.


Jody Miller is best known for supporting clients in their journey to take the best care of themselves possible. She is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist who uses a multi-dimensional approach to nutrition and health. Her private medical fitness practice, Women’s Health & Support Services offers Nutrition Counseling, Clinical Fitness Assessment, Personal Training and Post-Rehabilitative Exercise Training, Wellness Coaching, and the Change Your Mind Change Your BodyÔ Workshop.

Jody draws from her own personal journey of wellness and life experiences including infertility, breast cancer and parenting triplets to provide a compassionate and sustainable approach for lifelong wellness.