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Nutrition Wellness + Sleep Well

Week of July 24, 2021

Intuitive/Mindful Eating + Food Responsibility = Nutrition Wellness 

Eating Right for Life -Dietary Nutrition
Macronutrient balance; anti- inflammatory foods; healthy microbiome

Building Healthy Eating Patterns-Behavioral Nutrition
Types of hunger; hunger and fullness; portions, timing, snacking

Management & Control of Cravings – Mindful Eating
Sugar & fiber; emotional eating, confrontation strategies; mindful eating practice

Appetite X Factors that Influence Eating – What Gets in the Way?
Stress; sleep; medications; hydration

Metabolism and Healthy Weight
Optimal energy intake; apps that work; build muscle; increasing metabolic efficiency with exercise


Sleep Well
Sleep is the most vital component of total wellness. Explore an array of strategies for optimal restorative sleep.

  • What is optimal sleep
  • Why is sleep so important
  • Strategies for falling asleep
  • Strategies for falling back to sleep, including a body scan meditation!


Jody Miller, MA, RCEP is best known for supporting clients in their journey to take the best care of themselves possible. She is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist who uses a multi-dimensional approach to nutrition and health. Her private medical fitness practice, Women’s Health & Support Services, offers Nutrition Counseling, Clinical Fitness Assessment, Personal Training and Post-Rehabilitative Exercise Training, Wellness Coaching, and the Change Your Mind Change Your Body Workshop.  Jody draws from her own personal journey of wellness and life experiences including infertility, breast cancer and parenting triplets to provide a compassionate and sustainable approach for lifelong wellness.