Of Art and Nature: Artist/Nature/Spirit Collaboration - Rancho La Puerta
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Of Art and Nature: Artist/Nature/Spirit Collaboration

Week of March 7, 2020

Earth Art, Environmental Art, Art and Nature! Saturday 8:00 pm Olmeca Gym
Throughout time, artists, shamans and everyday people have been inspired by the power and beauty of the natural world. They have often responded by art making. This dance between the natural world and the artist is sometimes a collaboration, sometimes a confrontation, sometimes questioning and often reveals inspired beauty, power and insight. Join recognized artist and Professor Dr. Lynda Reeves McIntyre in an engaging slide presentation of compelling and celebrated works demonstrating this artist/nature/spirit collaboration.  Join her, too, in three separate but related art workshops engaging participants (novice to professional) in seeing, drawing and art making in the remarkable landscape of Rancho La Puerta.

Sunday: Seeing and Drawing
Monday: Shape Takes Form
Tuesday: Gesture Drawing and Moving Meditation


Lynda Reeves McIntyre, Ph.D., trained as a painter and a dancer at the University of Massachusetts, Hunter College and Yale University. Her doctorate is in Aesthetics. She weaves her training in painting, dance, Buddhist study and aesthetics into her teaching. Dr. McIntyre had her first major show in New York at 21. She has since received numerous awards, including those from the NEA, the MacDowell Foundation, the JFK Center, the ICCE, the VCCA and the Getty Foundation. She has been awarded art fellowships abroad to Australia, the former Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Bhutan and Italy where she teaches painting in the summers and, most recently, Cuba, Paris and England. Her work is shown throughout the U.S, Europe and the Pacific Rim and is in corporate and private collections in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Dr. McIntyre is a studio art professor and former chairman of the University of Vermont’s department of Art and Art History.