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Optimizing Your Health and Well-Being Through Lifestyle Medicine

Week of December 23, 2023

Learn about the latest evidence for how the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine can lead to better health and leave each interactive workshop with specific, personalized goals to optimize your health and well-being in 2024

Session 1: What Is Lifestyle Medicine and How Can It Help Me?
Learn about how the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine: healthy eating, physical activity, stress reduction, restorative sleep, social connection, and reduced use of risky substances can help optimize health and well-being. Leave with personalized SMART goals to help you make healthy changes in your daily life

Session 2: Food as Medicine
Review the latest evidence about the microbiome, fiber, protein, intermittent fasting, and how to reduce inflammation, prevent disease, and improve your overall health through what you eat.

Session 3: Optimize Your Sleep
What are the best ways to improve your sleep?  What is the role of nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, and medication? We will review evidence-based strategies to  getting a good night’s sleep. Leave with specific goals to help you sleep better in 2024

Session 4: Brain Health: Improve Your Mood and Reduce Your Risk for Dementia
Learn about how what you eat affects your brain including a discussion of  the psychobiome, the MIND diet, and how nutrition and the other Lifestyle medicine pillars (including physical activity, stress reduction, sleep) can help with depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and dementia.

Sarah-Anne Schumann,  MD, MPH,  is a physician who is board certified in both Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She graduated from Harvard College, Harvard Medical School, and Columbia Mailman School of Public Health. She previously served on the medical school faculty at the University of Chicago and University of Oklahoma-Tulsa and is currently the Chief Medical Officer at Aetna Better Health of Oklahoma.  She completed her certificate in plant-based nutrition at eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and is a certified yoga and meditation teacher.