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Out With The Old, In With The New

Week of December 28, 2019

Out With The Old, In With The New — an opportunity to clean house mentally and emotionally to make room for new ideas and new experiences

Start Anew
It’s never too late or too early to start fresh. Let go of the idea that “letting go” needs to be an arduous and painful process. Kick off your time at The Ranch with releasing some old ideas and behaviors, so you can make room for new ideas and experiences. All that’s required is to show up.

Embrace the fear … and do it anyways …
Just because “that’s how it’s always been,”  doesn’t mean that’s how it needs to stay. A lot of times we get stuck in a rut and it feels too hard to get out. Come join in the fun of facing the fear and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Listening for the first time
Have you made assumptions about others, or even about yourself, based on past experiences? What would happen if you actually showed up to conversations with friends, co-workers, and even yourself(!) with the willingness to listen for the first time? What fun it is to learn something new about yourself or others. 

You Get To Start Again
Your life story hasn’t been written, it’s being written by you, the author! Find the freedom that comes from recognizing the stories you’ve written about yourself that aren’t welcoming growth, evolution, and progress. Break some patterns and come write a new story!

No is a complete sentence ….
When we take on new behaviors and start making new choices that support the best version of ourselves, not everyone around us likes all the “newness”. They may want us to go back and do things how we used to do. Learn how to establish boundaries, advocate for yourself, and understand that “no” can truly be a complete sentence.


In 2009, Sarah Hernholm left her elementary school teaching days and launched WIT – Whatever It Takes. Ten years later, WIT provides teen-only hackathons and is the only college-credit social entrepreneur and leadership course for high school teens in the country and the 11 Tips for Doing WIT are now used in organizations, companies, school districts, parent groups, and households. Along the way, she has delivered three TEDx talks, keynotes, and a commencement address. While not everyone will be an entrepreneur and launch a business, Sarah believes everyone can develop an entrepreneurial mindset.