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Personal and Earth Healing

Week of August 26, 2023

Healing Modalities from First Nation’s Teachings
How to use timeless ancestral teachings and tools to balance your mind, meet your life goals and live a harmonious life

Mountain and Earth Healing: Talking Circle with Song and Earth Offering
A talking circle style sitting with healing smoke and sharing of mountain songs and prayer to heal the area and bring it back to harmony


Rosa Yaotonalcuahtl, Rarámuri-Mēxihcah|
Medicine woman and Moon Dance chief
Keeper of knowledge for Mēxihcah tradition
Council of Knowledge Keepers, Red Road Journey



Julio Enrique Reyes-Alvarado, Taino member
Puerto Rico
CEO of Awakening Wholeness
Honored Advisor, Red Road Journey



Tony Skrelunas, Dine Nation
Traditional Values/Knowledge Keeper
Founder, Red Road Journey

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