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Personal Healing is Earth Healing

Week of June 8, 2024

Red Road Journey is bringing native elders and wisdom keepers to Rancho La Puerta, to share stories, pray, sing, teach and inspire; to celebrate the deeply rooted traditions and practices that can help us care for the earth, bring healing to our spirits and care for each other.

Creating Harmonious Balance in Self, Home, and Community within The American First Nations with Tony Skrelunas; Sunday 4pm Olmeca Gym

A Course in Voice Activation with Ilhem Khodja; Monday 4pm Milagros Gym

Interbeing: An Interactive, Healing Sound Journey That Connects Our Senses to The Universal Sacred Element with Ilhem Khodja; Tuesday 5pm Oaktree Pavilion

An Indigenous Way to Connect and Heal through the Four Sacred Elements of the Universe: Earth, Air, Wind & Fire Elements with Antonio Romero; Tuesday 4pm Oaktree Pavilion

Mountain and Earth Healing: Talking Circle with Song and Earth Offering, with Chimalli Wash Fernandez, Antonio Romero and Ilhem Khodja ; Wednesday 7am Central Lawn at Villas

A Talk on Traditional Mexican Cosmology and Ceremony with Chimalli Wash Fernandez; Friday 2pm Olmeca Gym


Tony SkrelunasTony Skrelunas, cofounder of Red Road Journey, who also serves as head of commerce for the largest 1st Nation in America, and a friend of Rancho La Puerta, will lead a discussion on his efforts to create harmonious balance in self, home, and community within the American first nations and how the lessons learned from their past can lead to better humanity in the future.    Tony is leading economic transition for a resource extractive dependent Nation to one that focuses on the culture, time tested food systems, communal commerce, respectful trade, and keeping the knowledge of the land and climate for future humans.   


Ilhem KhodjaIlhem Khodja, whose name means “inspiration” in Arabic, is inspired by our ancestral connection to sound, and exploring innovative ways of healing through voice.  Her singing has been a core of her life’s work, starting a jazz career in France at the age of 10.  Her life’s work through shamanism and meditation shapes her current art expression: curating sound healing experiences by blending jazz, world music and electronic sounds.  She currently has residencies in Berlin and Mexico City through her solo project Interbeing, a sound journey experience that she is eager to share with the guests this week at the Ranch.


Antonio RomeroAntonio Romero is co-founder of Red Road Journey, a Native-run nonprofit organization based in Arizona that focuses on Conscious Tourism: placing tourism in the hands of tribal nations, while revitalizing traditions that teach us to heal through ancient modalities.  By leaning into his Native Mexican roots, Antonio was inspired to bridge the promise of indigenous wisdom to the modern world, which has led to the co-creation of Red Road Journey.  While at the Ranch, Antonio will spend the week sharing the traditional Mexican way of healing through the four universal elements: fire, earth, air and water.  This workshop will teach you how to reconnect with Nature and heal in a way that honors our sacred connection to Earth.


Chimalli Wash FernandezChimalli Wash Fernandez is an Aztec/Mexica elder, ceremonial leader, historian and traditional linguist from Mexico City.  Chimalli is fluent in Nahuatl, the ancient language of Mesoamerica, and has spent the last twenty years travelling the world offering workshops and talks surrounding Aztec history and culture.  He is looking forward to sharing with the Ranch a talk on Aztec cosmology and ceremonial traditions, which continue in Mexico for thousands of years, as well as lead an offering and prayer for the sacred mountain Kuchumaa.