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Photography for Any Camera | Susan and Neil Silverman

Week of September 28, 2019

Through a series of four presentations that involve fun slideshows, lively discussions and practical examples, you will take home a new or refreshed approach to your photography and get photos that will excite and inspire you and your friends and family.
Introduction to Getting Great Photos for any Camera or Smartphone

Take your photography results from “OK” to “Great”
Six Important Compositional Elements to work with
Understand how to Get Sharp Images
Get the BEST Color that you can in your Photos
Get the BEST shots in your camera rather than trying to correct afterwards
A little pre-thought will avoid some post-regrets.
All levels of experience and equipment are welcome; just bring along your curiosity and we will ignite your excitement. 

People Photography

People photography can be fun and rewarding.  Learn how to get great results in all situations— working with all sizes and shapes of people, working in challenging lighting conditions,  and even if you are stuck in the middle of  that dreaded town of  Uglyville.  You can get great shots of strangers, family and friends.  You will see how easy it can be to get good photos and be happy to be considered the “Official Photographer”—who really knows what they are doing.   We will work with the different approaches for photographing groups of people, couples, individuals, children, and even pets.  These all work for any camera or smartphone. 

Travel Vacation Photography

Come home with exciting and memorable photos from your vacation travels.  We will cover easy techniques that will make the camera give you the best image it can.    You will not have to delete your shots because of disappointment.     These principles apply to all cameras and smartphones.  Your friends will really want to see your photos and not just wish you would serve dessert!!  No more worries of putting your friends to sleep with your photography.  We will cover more compositional considerations in depth, easy technical tweaks and principles for your devices and cameras.   These are pertinent for all levels of experience, devices and cameras.

Make the Most from your iPhone and Camera

We have great, simple “How to” s for utilizing the camera that you have—whether it is a smartphone, a compact point and shoot or a digital SLR.    The best camera to have is the one you have with you, and we will help you to maximize the potential of your device.  The computers in the cameras and phones are smart; but we will make you even smarter and give you control over your results.  Today Everyone is a Photographer, we will help you be one of the better ones!!!!!


Susan and Neil SilvermanSusan and Neil Silverman have taught photography extensively for over 15 years. Their enthusiasm and hands-on approach make them a popular teaching team. Their knowledge and experience encompass both digital media and film (35mm, medium and large format). Susan’s and Neil’s work appears in publications for Sierra Club, Microsoft, Air Canada and numerous magazines and other publications. They are in demand as speakers for professional photographic organizations and are professional members of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Their expertise includes landscape, macro and wildlife photography, and their background in commercial work gives them added insight into all forms and aspects of light. On the Web: