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Week of March 16, 2019

Photography – Past, Present, and Future
How has society, science, commerce, memory, and art been forever changed with the invention of photography? Take a walk through the history and future of one of the most culturally transformative devices: the camera.

Photography for Everyone
Learn the basics of photography so you can take clear, colorful, captivating photos wherever you are. We will discuss the best techniques, apps and programs for taking and editing photos on your most convenient camera: your phone! Learn the simple tools and tricks to get your photos looking their best, and train your eye to notice an amazing photo opportunity when you see one.

Taking Your Best Photos
Walk with me around the grounds of Rancho La Puerta to learn firsthand how to capture and edit great photos with your mobile device.


Evan Trine, MFA, is a photographer and fine artist living and working in Long Beach, California. His two passions are photography and teaching, and he’s been blessed to have both be his primary occupations for the last 12 years. He has created content for numerous companies including Amazon, Honda, Vera Wang, Costco, Nascar, and Home Depot. He received his Master’s in Fine Art in 2015 and is represented by a world-renown gallery in Los Angeles, through which he has exhibited his photography locally and internationally. He has taught photography courses at several colleges in California and Colorado, including history of photography, portraiture, abstract photography, studio lighting, business of photography, and conceptual photography, among others.