Pickleball and Tennis with Jaimi Foster - Rancho La Puerta
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Pickleball and Tennis with Jaimi Foster

Week of July 27, 2024


Jaimi Foster is a lifelong tennis and pickleball player and has been coaching since 2012. She was a featured athlete in Pickleball Fundamentals (2015), the first instructional book endorsed by the U.S.A Pickleball Association. Her family was one of the earlier adopters of pickleball, and she holds several (junior) U.S. national pickleball titles. She was a collegiate tennis player at the University of Toronto, and the co-founder of the first Canadian collegiate pickleball club.

Now residing in Arizona, Jaimi runs a Virtual Assistant agency, supporting clients across North America in operations and event planning. The flexible nature of her work allows her to continue teaching clinics and camps throughout the year, and she loves opportunities to travel the world and grow tennis and pickleball in new communities. Teaching at the Ranch has been an incredibly special experience for her, and she is thrilled to be returning for another Family Week.