Pickleball with Mo Garcia and Joel Wolf - Rancho La Puerta
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Pickleball with Mo Garcia and Joel Wolf

Week of February 24, 2024
Introduction to Pickleball Program:
  • Dink with a purpose, followed by short Pickleball scrimmage. 90min.
  • 3rd Shot Drops, 3rd Shot Drives, 90min.
  • Half Volley Drops, Half Volley Drives: 90min.
  • Top Spin Drives, Forehand and Backhand, 90min.
  • Block Volley’s, 90min.
  • Overhead Smash, 90min
  • Offensive & Defensive Lobs, Defending Lobs, 90min.
  • Mo’s Specialty shots: Serves, Snaps, Deflection volleys, 90min.

With every session we break down the shot, technique, and the reason for the shot

“Don’t leave things to Chance, have a plan or a strategy! If you don’t know where your headed, then any road will take you!”

Joel Wolf is a Senior Pro level pickleball player and a Pro-rated Certified Pickleball Instructor. With an outstanding background as a player and instructor, Joel brings a level of excitement and expertise, helping his players to become their most knowledgeable and confident selves whenever they step on the court. Originally from Bricktown, NJ, Joel was already an accomplished racquetball player when he discovered Pickleball in 2015. Joel has enjoyed incorporating his love of teaching and his commitment to charity work. Joel supports many charitable organizations such as Dine On Us, Field of Dreams,Pickleball for Ukraine and many more by donating his time and expertise organizing, directing and instructing multiple clinics and tournaments.