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Pilates with Sarah Bertucelli

Week of July 20, 2024

With a passion for holistic wellness and a deep understanding of the body-mind connection, Sarah Bertucelli is dedicated to transforming lives through the art of movement. As a proud member of the Rancho La Puerta family since 1996, Sarah brings a unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and creativity to the world of fitness and well-being. After receiving her BASI Pilates® accreditation under Rael Isacowitz’s direction (1999), Sarah subsequently joined BASI Pilates faculty(2003) helping to shape the future of Pilates education.Sarah’s dedication to spreading the benefits of Pilates reaches a global audience as she has been a part of the Pilates Anytime family since 2010. Her classes on this platform continue to inspire and empower individuals worldwide, making Pilates accessible to all.

When she’s not sharing her expertise around the world, Sarah calls Santa Barbara home. Here, she has cultivated her sanctuary – Del Sol Pilates – where she furthers the legacy of Joseph Pilates, nurturing the minds and bodies of her students. She brings her passion and knowledge from the world of dance and fitness to every class she leads. Her vast experience and artistry in these fields have enabled her to craft a unique approach to Pilates, blending elements of grace and strength, finesse, and fluidity.

As a Specialty Pilates presenter at Rancho La Puerta, Sarah Bertucelli brings a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of movement, wellness, and personal transformation. Her teaching is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, one that combines the core principles of Pilates with the elegance of dance and the vitality of fitness. Join her in this transformative experience and discover the power of movement in a way that only Sarah can deliver.