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Ranch Reset 2019 – Mini Fasts

Week of January 12, 2019

A 1, 2, or 3-day juice cleanse is an excellent way to reset. Whether that be after a week away, or a longer period of “indulgence” during which you may have felt unbalanced, there is a simple technique to hit the pause button in order to reboot. Intermittent fasting is now gaining a great deal of attention for its long term as well as short term benefit. Rancho La Puerta is happy to share its newest initiative with you, just in time for the New Year.

Our consultant is Dr. Michael Finkelstein, a renowned Holistic-Integrative Physician, who has also spearheaded the Ranch’s 2-week Detox and Cleansing Program, now available to guide you personally through this process. After a 1-hour consultation, a customized protocol will be designed that will include specific juices, made just for you at our Juice Bar, and integrate that into a complimentary plan of fitness activity and spa services to suit your needs. During the hour you will receive the additional benefit of his expertise and a “second opinion” on your medical questions and your lifestyle choices to help you more fully address your overall health and well-being. www.slowmedicinedoctor.com